It's Time for Mulch Madness!

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Order your mulch today and support our Copley-Fairlawn athletes. 





The snow is melting and it's almost time for Spring--AND MULCH!!!  This year, we are offering bulk mulch delivery in a variety of types and colors delivered right to your door for you to spread or have your landscaper spread for you. Don't want to spread yourself? No problem, our student athletes will do the spreading for you. All spreading proceeds go directly to the spreading team.

Order now for bulk mulch deliveries from April 4 – June 3

Mulch Spreading By Our Teams:

Spreading is $25 per cubic yard with a 5-yard minimum order in order to schedule spreading. You will need to add 2 things to your cart. The mulch (indicating the number of yards you want under quantity) as well as Mulch Spreading (indicating the number of yards of mulch you purchased under quantity). We will do our best to accommodate all requests. Copley & Fairlawn only for spreading.


All of our spreading slots are currently filled. 

You can still order mulch for delivery only. If you would like a list of landscapers who you can contact directly to spread, please add a note on your order. 


  • Delivery area includes Copley, Fairlawn, Norton, Wadsworth, Barberton, Portage Lakes, and Akron.

  • Orders should be placed at least one week prior to delivery.

  • There will be a $15 delivery fee added if you order less than 5 yards of mulch. Order 5 yards and delivery is free!

  • Once you place your order, you will receive an confirmation of your order immediately and an email confirmation of your delivery date within 48 hours.

  • Please ensure your driveway is clear and a tarp is laid for the mulch on your delivery date.


  • Please ensure add "Mulch Spreading" to your cart and indicate how many yards you have purchased that will need to be spread.

  • Spreading offered in Copley and Fairlawn only.

  • You must purchase at least 5 yards of mulch for spreading service.

  • Please indicate your preferred spreading date on your order. We will do everything we can to accommodate your requested date, but slots fill up fast and we also try to map orders that are close together.

  • Once you place your order, you will receive an confirmation of your order immediately and an email confirmation of your delivery and spreading date within 48 hours.

  • Please remember that our hard-working student athletes will be spreading your mulch. While we do have adults spreading with them ensuring the students are doing their best work, we are not professional landscapers.

  • When ordering, please be aware that spreading dates may need to change due to availability, weather, or other unforeseen circumstances.

  • Covid mitigation procedures will be in place in adherence with CDC guidelines if necessary.



Please contact Kara Welch-Mariotti at